PackshotCreator product photography software features

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The PackshotCreator software has experienced a series of important updates, discover them: productivity, creativity and simplicity

E-commerce, database creation, quality control, or even archiving: each of these PackshotCreator product photography software features was designed to successfully manage, facilitate, and accelerate the whole production process of your visuals.

Product photography software features
Follow on the screen all of your visuals creation

Benefit from the Live View to control the result in real time on your computer. There is no technical handling to be performed on your equipment or camera, besides manual zoom; everything else is controlled from the product photography software features interface!

Latest software updates

The software helps you validate the lighting of your photos...

  • Adjust, from your screen, the lighting most suitable to your product. In few clicks, the software program enables you to view and optimize the exposition of your product.
  • To save ever more time, save these settings in the profile library in order to always have your preferred settings in hand’s reach for your next shootings.
Configure an automated photo studio

Your visuals are cropped on a pure white background

  • Display quickly your products on a homogeneous white background, or easily delete the background of your photos and animations. The PackshotCreator technology allows the ability to crop a product without ever overexposing it.
  • You thus obtain a file on a transparent background that will conserve the alpha channel in PNG or Tiff format – an essential criterion in computer graphics for creating an animation or integrating a visual into a photomontage, or on a custom background. The time saving is unmatched (according to the PackshotCreator equipment).

Your products from all angles, in just a few clicks

  • Show the best of your products: zoomed views, side, frontal, 3/4 views…Or even a 360° or 3D complete view.
  • The software assists you from beginning to end to create the visuals that you need.
  • It synchronizes the rotation of the 360 rotating plate to the nearest degree and the shutter of the camera, in order to assist you during the whole shooting process.
Discover the rotating plate

Multi-product captures

  • With this exclusive PackshotCreator function, photograph and crop multiple products at once and save them automatically in the form of individual files.
  • Dramatically increase your productivity based on the number of products simultaneously photographed!
Discover the ultra-versatile photo solution

Simultaneous shooting from various angles

To speed up the multi-view shooting, our systems PackshotSphere X5 and MaestroBot allow you to capture up to 1,800 HD views around a product in few clicks after configuration, thanks to the simultaneous control of multiple cameras arranged at different angles. (Depending on PackshotCreator equipment).

  • With the PackshotSphere X5, obtain rapidly a 3D hemispheric snapshot of the product: you can view the product from all angles, including from above and below
  • With the MaestroBot line, our multiple shooting technology is put toward photorealistic 3D modeling to provide you with an ultra-fast, 3D acquisition solution.

Augmented and virtual reality with PackshotCreator

The MaestroBot solution range seeks to automate and simplify the 3D modeling of products.

  • With the 3D flow, with few clicks the software automatically generates a detailed 3D model of the object from a series of HD photos taken at different angles.
  • The technique of photogrammetry, at the heart of the MaestroBot systems, makes it possible to obtain a silhouette of the product and its true colors.
  • Along with this, there is a structured lighting system. It projects a light pattern onto the object and makes it possible to acquire the finest details of the product, particularly for those presenting the most uniform of textures.
  • Result: the possibility to display a 3D object in a real environment: augmented reality (AR) or in a virtual environment: virtual reality (VR).

Productivity & quality

  • The multi-export tool

    The PackshotOneClick feature allows you, depending on your specifications and volume of visuals to produce, to export them in up to 10 formats by profile, resolution, image size, file name, different characteristics...and simultaneously!

  • Multi-batch editing

    For unmatched time saving, the PackshotCreator software program enables you to resize, reframe, and edit images by batch. Simultaneously generate up to 10 files in various formats and styles: HD photos for print, 72 dpi images for the web, etc.

  • The Hyperfocus feature

    Obtain a clear photo, from the fore- to the background of the subject: an ideal tool for macrophotography, product compositions and dispositions on different levels.

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